Flash content on iPhone and the likes

7 10 2009

Finally, Flash developed content can be viewed on iPod, Android, Blackberry, and many more such devices. The new version of Flash Player – 10.1 will have support on a broader set of devices.

Read announcement from Adobe MAX.


Adobe Flash Catalyst – Coming Soon

6 12 2008

One grievance that Flash designers have about the evolution of Flash IDE is that it has become more developer oriented than (as originally intended) designer friendly. Earlier designers could easily add interactivity using the menu driven coding. The Expert Mode for the code editor was a secondary option (Flash 4 and 5 .)

Well, Adobe is certainly an organization which is very sensitive towards its core customers (i.e. designers.) and have announced a new product called Adobe Flash Catalyst (earlier codenamed Thermo.) Catalyst is a tool targetted for designers who want to add interactivity to their design. The result is that we can create a UI in Catalyst and then just convert graphics into dynamic content by selecting objects and specifying actions from menus. No coding required. Output the file as a SWF or AIR. You can easily build a RIA prototype.

Catalyst will be launched very soon. Read more about it here…


Flex – getting started!!

24 10 2008

For some time now, I’ve really got hooked to Adobe Flex wich is a RIA authoring technology framework based on Flash player from Adobe. Being a Flash developer for past 6 years, this product came as a big shot in the arm for Flash developers like me. After going through some documentation and playing around with some of the components, I realised this is a big productivity booster over building an app in Flash.

To come up the learning curve, I’d recommend going through the Flex documentation and/or this ebook…