Flex AMF3

30 10 2008

Here’s a very interesting app made by James Ward for comparing the performances of different web technologies for building RIAs – Flex & AMF3, AJAX & XML, AJAX & JSON, and so on. You select a technology pair and click Execute. The command will fetch 5000 rows from a database and show the proformance results in terms of server execution time, transfer time, and so on.


Of all the technology pairs listed in this app, I’ve used Flex XML AS, Flex XML E4X, and Flex AMF3. Out of these I’ve found Flex AMF3 very easy to use, fast, and responsive. To get started with this technology I’d recommend chapter 7 of the following book by Friends Of Ed…



My first flex app

29 10 2008

Since the beginning of my career I’ve experienced that the best way to learn a new technology is to first go thru some of the tutorials and documentation. Then apply the little knowledge you have gathered and build something – maximum learning happens on the job.

So, I’ve built this little web app using Flex, PHP, and MySQL. It’s is a community building app for environmentally conscious people.  I’ve also implemented the Cairngorm framework here. Using a MVC framework in your Flex app has a lot of advantage. It separates the 3 layers – model, GUI, and business logic and helps streamline the development process. Saves a lot of time in the long run and reduces margin of error.

Check out Let’s Go Green

Let's Go Green

Let's Go Green

P.S. This is in beta stage.